From Our Boston Dispensary: 6 Edibles You’ll Want to Try Again

Edibles are among the most popular weed consumption methods. Usually taking the form of gummies, Boston dispensary edibles give you longer and stronger highs than smoking or vaping. Plus, they’re quick to use, easy to hide, and fun to try with different flavors and specializations. This makes them great for treating pain or getting high without being too obvious

That said, even the best edibles aren’t for everyone. Many cannabis enthusiasts aren’t comfortable with edibles’ overwhelming effects, especially their first time around. So, you should learn how to choose edible gummies by understanding the best edibles for different uses.

6 Types of Edibles To Try

Almost every recreational dispensary carries unique options, and Harbor House Collective is no different. We offer tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gummies with unique specializations and flavors — along with a few dessert options you simply have to try:

Below are our best Boston dispensary edibles:

  1. THC gummies: Most basic THC edibles feature 5 mg to 20 mg per gummy with unique fruity flavors. These standard gummies are often the best edibles for new users and are more affordable than other options. 
  2. Rosin gummies: These edibles are made with a different extraction process that keeps their cannabinoids fresher and higher quality. Rosin edibles are typically much more potent than standard gummies. Various options, such as hybrid rosin, GMO rosin, and Albariño Rosin, let you mix up your experiences. 
  3. CBD and other cannabinoid gummies: Many edibles combine cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids with THC for unique effects. For example, most THC:CBD gummies give users more calming effects than standard gummies. On the other hand, edibles with cannabigerol (CBG) can help ease pain after a long day.
  4. Chocolate edibles: Chocolates are the second-most popular form of edibles after gummies. They usually have doses ranging from 50 mg to 200 mg with different dark chocolate and milk chocolate options
  5. Cannabis-infused ice cream: Frozen dessert edibles such as our 45 mg Albariño Mimosa ice cream are another popular way to consume THC. Their sweet flavors help hide the weed’s terpene tastes. 
  6. Seltzers and sodas: THC drinks such as orange soda and cinnamon cider usually include 5 mg to 10 mg of THC. These are excellent edibles for developing a gradual high because you can drink them as quickly or slowly as you like. 

Find High-Quality Boston Dispensary Edibles From Harbor House Collective

Thanks to recreational dispensaries, choosing and ordering Boston dispensary edibles is easier than ever. Now, you can browse different edible options from your home and read their descriptions, reviews, and common effects to customize your experience.

Once you’ve added your edibles to your cart, you can either purchase them in person or place a delivery order. Harbor House Collective partners with Zyprun for weed deliveries for easier checkout and drop-off. Shop our edibles online or visit us in person to learn more. 

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