How To Be High in Public: A Helpful Handbook

One of the best things about smoking weed is discovering the endless fun things you can do while high. While you can always stay in-da-couch with a movie on, adventuring outdoors can get your blood pumping and accelerate your high in new and unique ways. 

However, before you actually get high in public, you must understand your limitations, all applicable laws, and the best ways to maximize your vibe.

Understand and Respect Your Local Laws

Before you light it up or hit your vape, ask the critical question “Is it legal to be high in public?” The answer ultimately depends on your state and local laws, many of which are actively changing. 

In most places where cannabis is legal, you cannot consume it or be visibly intoxicated in public. However, the limitations of this are an ongoing gray area, particularly what constitutes “public intoxication.” In most cases, so long as you aren’t driving, publicly smoking, or causing a scene, there are no issues with having a mild public high. 

Don’t Overdo Your High in Public

An essential aspect of being stoned in public is avoiding overdoing your buzz, such as by vaping too many puffs or popping an extra edible. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your limitations and, when in doubt, take a smaller dose. In doing so, you can maintain a positive experience that doesn’t harsh anyone else’s vibe. 

Don’t Put Yourself or Others in Danger

Though specific laws vary by state, you should wait at least six hours to drive after smoking minimal THC — and more after consuming edibles or larger doses. In the interests of both safety and legality, you must not drive, operate machinery, or put yourself or others in danger while high in public. Consider having a designated driver or sober friend present to oversee safety.

Pack Supplies To Hide Your High

It’s often easy to draw attention to yourself when stoned in public, even when acting totally normal. Planning ahead for your high outing will help you manage your presentation so you can focus solely on having a good time. 

Consider bringing the following items to hide your high:

  • Sunglasses
  • Eye drops
  • Gum and breath mints
  • Body and scent sprays
  • An extra set of clothes
  • Bottled water

Plan a Fun Activity

Whether you’re headed to the zoo or hiking with friends, establishing a high activity plan will help you maximize every moment. Additionally, since highs can trap people in one task for hours, a pre-set schedule will motivate you to move to the next fun thing. 

Consider the following fun and engaging activities:

  • Walking
  • Hiking and picnicking
  • Visiting an arcade
  • Exploring a museum or art center
  • Seeing a movie
  • Attending a concert

Stock Up on High-Quality Product

Getting high in public can be a blast, letting you notice and experience everyday aspects of life in new and exciting ways. The cannabis and consumption methods you use can significantly affect your adventure. So, whether you’re looking for high-quality gummies or scentless vapes, explore Harbor House Collective to find the right goodies for you. 

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