The Boston Dispensary Edibles Survival Guide: Types & Tips

Infused with cannabis extract, edibles are a popular way to consume tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In general, edibles offer users a stronger kick and longer-lasting high than other consumption methods, such as smoking, vaping, or applying topicals. 

Eating edibles is faster than smoking and significantly less smelly, which is ideal for being fast and discrete. Additionally, Boston dispensary edibles make dosing easy, so you always know exactly how much you’re taking for each high. Read on to learn about the different types of edibles available, along with some helpful tips to find the best options for you. 

Types of Edibles

In the expanding cannabis market, there are many different options for edibles. While the most common are gummies, edibles are also produced in the form of chocolates, baked goods, drinks, and other consumption options.


Gummies are the most popular edibles available due to their ease of consumption and how easily their fruity flavors hide the cannabis terpenes’ earthy tastes. Gummies are usually the easiest types of edibles to precisely dose, with most gummies containing 10 mg or 25 mg of THC each. Harbor House Collective’s gummy flavors include mango, prickly pear, papaya, orange creamsicle, and more. 

Baked Goods

Many Boston dispensary edibles are sold in the form of baked goods. From cookies to chocolate and peanut butter bars to sorbet, cannabis extract can be mixed into almost any type of snack. Foods that satisfy your sweet tooth are generally better at hiding the extract’s earthy tastes and are great for sharing.


THC- and CBD-infused drinks often come in the form of seltzers, juices, sodas, and beverage enhancers, with near-immediate results. Most edible drinks are meticulously flavored to hide the cannabis taste, though you’ll likely be able to taste the terpenes in most drinks at least somewhat. As an alternative, many people put oil drops in their drinks for similar results.

Cooking Ingredients

Many cannabis users instead prefer to use cannabis-infused cooking ingredients to make their own edible concoctions. Common THC ingredients include cannabutter, cannabis cooking oil, flour, mayonnaise, honey tincture, and habanero hot sauce. While these options open infinite doors for cannabis consumption, they can also make it difficult to keep track of your dosage.

Tips for Edibles

Many cannabis users prefer edibles, while others stay away from edibles because of their longer-lasting and significantly stronger effects. If you’re new to edibles or cannabis in general, you should start at a small dose, such as one gummy or part of a gummy. You’ll start to feel the effects of most edibles within the first 10 minutes, but it takes up to an hour for the full effects to kick in. Because of this, wait at least an hour before increasing your dosage to avoid an overwhelming high.

Buy Edibles From a Quality Source

When choosing the right Boston dispensary edibles for you, you need to consider what type of high you want and how you intend to achieve it. Many people prefer gummies’ fruity tastes and small sizes, while others enjoy mixing their experiences up with chocolates, seltzers, and hot sauces. Browse Harbor House Collective’s large variety of edibles and THC products to get your next high started right. 

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