What Is Budget Weed? (And Is It Still Good?)

So many of us have been there — you’re ready to head to the dispensary or even check out, only to realize you’re low on cash. Fortunately, whether you’re cutting down on spending or stocking up, you may still be able to snag the weed you want if you shop for affordable cannabis.

Budget weed can expand your smoking possibilities, but not all products are equal. Before buying, learn which options work best for you. 

What Is “Budget Weed?”

“Budget weed” describes any cannabis products within an affordable price range. Clearly, it’s a loose term. Budget weed can be the cheapest buds on the shelf, the products currently on sale, or the things that fit into your budget. 

Affordable cannabis is often great for smoking sessions that prioritize quantity over quality. For example, your weed can burn really fast if you’re using a bong with a large bowl. This is especially true if you’re someone who accidentally “torches” the bowl. Budget weed gives you more buds to burn through and lets you relax, knowing you’re not burning through money too. 

Is Cheap Weed Still Good?

Budget weed’s level of quality delivers the perfect high for many cannabis enthusiasts. Lower prices don’t always equate to lower quality, as sales, surpluses, and good business models can all reduce costs. So, cheaper products are often potent enough to help people unwind without the overwhelming symptoms of stronger products. 

Even if your weed budget is flexible, it’s wise to stock up on at least some affordable cannabis. Which products you buy should depend on your preferences and what gets you the most high. 

Consider these factors when buying weed on a budget:

  • Quantity
  • THC and CBD levels
  • Growth process — indoor or outdoor
  • Extraction process — distillate, live resin, and more
  • Your favorite consumption methods

Affordable Cannabis vs. Top-Shelf Weed

Price tags can be reliable reference points when learning what you like. THC levels, extraction methods, consumption options, and countless other factors affect prices. You’ll still get a decent-to-amazing high from cheaper weed, but the products usually aren’t as specialized as their more expensive alternatives. 

For instance, consider live-resin THC concentrates. These products often require more complex and expensive extraction processes in exchange for significantly more potent hits. Depending on the brand, a single drop of live resin could cost the same price as an eighth of low-THC buds. The concentrate will deliver a better high, but the eighth will last you several sessions. 

Find a Dispensary That Prioritizes Quality, Regardless of Price

The drastic differences between products can make it a challenge to find the weed that works best for you. Therefore, it’s essential to research your cannabis before buying it, whether it’s $10 or $100. 

Shopping at a reliable dispensary makes this process easier by ensuring you never have to worry about low-quality products. Best of all, our knowledgeable budtenders can answer any questions you may have! Visit Harbor House Collective in Chelsea, MA, to find the best budget weed for you. 

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