High-Quality Weed (vs. Bad Weed): What to Know

Whether it’s your day off or a relaxing evening, nothing drags down a smoke sesh quite like discovering bad weed. Older, improperly stored weed can still get you high, but it lacks the potency of a freshly cultivated bud. Plus, while inexpensive weed is always handy, you should still stock up on a few higher-quality goodies to mix up your experiences.

Continue reading to learn the differences between high-quality and bad weed and how to spot both. 

High-Quality Weed vs. Bad Weed

While many cannabis enthusiasts argue there’s no such thing as “bad weed,” almost everyone will agree that certain strains and products are undeniably superior. For example, expensive THC vapes with complex extraction processes usually deliver more potent highs than cheaper vapes. 

That said, every stoner’s tastes and cannabinoid receptors vary, so you may not get the same quality high from vaping as smoking flower. When determining the best weed for you, consider your past highs, customer reviews, and specific product details. 

What To Look For When Determining Weed Quality

Your weed’s quality often controls the potency and duration of your highs. So, while you may feel something after smoking cheap, older buds, their noticeable effects may wear off in just an hour — especially if they were improperly stored. Consider the following product details when gauging weed quality. 

Price and THC Percentage

Different cannabis products generally have distinct prices for a reason — some products are just better than others. So, a cheaper eighth will still get you high, but usually not to the same extent as the top-shelf weed. 

Outside of price, each strain’s THC and CBD percentages are effective ways to estimate the high you’ll get. Products with higher percentages generally have the strongest effects, though specifics vary by product, strain, and cultivation process.

Cultivation Process

How weed is made and consumed can affect its overall quality, as certain products and specializations offer unique results. For example, live-resin products are extracted from freshly harvested plants before being frozen in a complex process. As a result, live-resin vapes and concentrates tend to give significantly more potent highs than their alternatives. 

Good Weed vs. Old Weed

The age of your weed plays a significant role in its quality, so it’s better to use it sooner rather than later. While most dried cannabis maintains quality for up to one year, an 11-month-old pre-roll simply won’t deliver the same high it would’ve after purchase. As such, you should keep track of when you purchase your cannabis products and invest in air-tight, room-temperature storage solutions for the best longevity.

Find Top-Shelf Weed at Harbor House Collective

Judging high-quality weed vs. bad weed is often challenging, especially if you’re new to the cannabis market. Thankfully, you’ve got help. At Harbor House Collective, our budtenders are well-trained and knowledgeable in everything green. Visit us online or in Chelsea, MA, to find the best top-shelf weed for your next high. 

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