Weed and Mood: 4 Types of Highs to Know

When it comes to weed there are many misconceptions regarding things like moods and types of highs. Many people still feel an underlying lack of trust when it comes to any form of weed or cannabis-based products, and some believe that different strains of weed can be dangerous or cause you to experience a surprise reaction high. While different strains can impact you in various ways, several studies have shown that weed is less harmful than substances such as alcohol and tobacco. 

So, what exactly happens when you consume cannabis, and how does it impact your mood? Weed and moods run hand in hand, just not in the way you might think. 

Head High vs. Body High

Cannabis plants contain crystal-like structures known as trichomes which produce cannabinoids and terpenes. These chemicals are responsible for creating that high feeling when you smoke, vape, or take an edible. Depending on what you’re consuming, how you’re consuming it, and your body’s unique chemical build, you’ll likely experience either a head high or a body high following consumption.

Head highs often leave you feeling mentally content and can sometimes be a great way to unlock creative moods. Strains such as Sativa are known for leaving consumers feeling uplifted, happy, calm, and sometimes energized mentally. Body highs are great for improving your sleep cycle and may leave you feeling sleepy or like your whole body is in a state of relaxation. Strains of Indica are commonly linked to body highs and are known for being more dominating on overall moods.

In comparison, both types of high can serve a purpose. If you haven’t built up a tolerance yet, it is possible to consume too much at one time, which may result in you feeling lethargic or anxious. Head highs also can run hand in hand with body highs, leading you to experience both with stronger strains. 

Energized Mood vs. Euphoric State of Relaxation

In addition to comparing the experience of a head high versus a body high, you can also aim for what’s known as a combination high when you want to find a nice balance of motivation while maintaining a sense of calmness. By mixing the two popular strains (Sativa and Indicia), you can create a nice balance of motivation while maintaining a sense of calmness. In some cases, this can create what feels like a state of euphoria and may even leave you feeling a little more giggly at times. 

Just like with anything you’re consuming, it’s important to know your limits and to start on the lower scale of things while you build up your tolerance. For bursts of energy and motivation, Sativa will leave you ready to be productive so that you can knock off things on your to-do list, while Indica will help you relax and rest. 

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