10 Best Beginner Weed Strains to Try

The blooming cannabis industry has increased the number of products on dispensary shelves, with countless consumption options, cannabinoids, and strains. While this diversity is great for finding new products, it also makes it challenging to find the best strains — especially if you’re just getting started.

Fortunately, most dispensaries offer a multitude of beginner weed strains to help you craft your perfect high. Find out some of the best cannabis for beginners in this post. 

What Are Beginner Weed Strains?

“Beginner weed” typically describes any cannabis strain with low THC percentages and minimal effects. These strains are usually recommended for beginners and individuals only seeking mild highs. 

There’s no distinct line between weed strains for beginners and experienced users. In fact, a beginner weed strain from one dispensary may have significantly stronger effects at another location, depending on how it’s cultivated. Instead, the best way to identify beginner weed strains is to read the fine print, including their THC content, strain types, and other qualities. 

Look for weed with lower THC percentages, such as under 30% for buds and under 85% for vapes. Depending on your desired high, you should generally choose indica and hybrid strains rather than sativa. Finally, avoid products with live resin and other high-potency contents. 

Why Are Beginner Weed Strains Important to Know?

Beginner weed strains are important to identify if you’re new. The psychoactive effects of cannabis can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re new and trying something particularly strong. Starting with lower potencies lets you adjust to the high and learn how your body reacts.

Even if you are an experienced user, you should still be able to differentiate beginner weed strains from stronger options. For instance, you may need to select beginner weed strains after a tolerance break or when smoking with someone inexperienced.

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners

THC percentages and product details are some of the most reliable ways to estimate how a cannabis strain will make you feel. Beyond that, you should also read the product reviews. Many dispensaries and online cannabis retailers let customers post reviews and share the effects of certain products. At Harbor House Collective, all of our online buds include a list of common effects, including “relaxed,” “happy,” and “energetic.”

Below are some of the top beginner weed strains to try:

  1. Citral Flo
  2. Blue Dream
  3. Sherbacio
  4. Purple Marmalade
  5. Motorbreath
  6. Northern Lights
  7. Secret Cookies
  8. Zookies
  9. Pawpawlado #5
  10. Unicorn Poop

Shop Beginner Weed Strains at Harbor House Collective

With so many options, it’s often challenging to choose the best weed strains for you. Researching and understanding cannabis strains before smoking or consuming them can help you maximize your experience. It’s also important for safety to keep you feeling comfortable the entire high. 

At Harbor House Collective, we understand the importance of cannabis education. Our expert budtenders can answer your questions and recommend the best beginner weed strains based on your interests. Explore our cannabis shop today to learn more. 

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