Cannabis Education Online for Beginners: 5 Things To Know

Cannabis is the topic of a lot of conversations right now — appropriately, because there’s a lot to talk and learn about. Cannabis laws are actively changing in multiple states, research on its applications has expanded, and various new cannabinoid products are overtaking parts of the market. Continue reading to learn where to get started with cannabis education online. 

5 Things To Know About Cannabis Education Online

Seeking education about cannabis, from its manufacturing to weed culture, will make you a more informed and empowered customer. It’s also beneficial if you’re considering a career in the industry. However, because cannabis is a complicated market, there are a few things you should know before diving in.

1. Cannabis Education Varies From Person to Person

As cannabis is a wide and constantly expanding industry, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for education. The cannabis education resources you utilize should be based on your goals and uses. For example, if you’re interested in growing cannabis, seek out cultivation resources. If you want to maximize your highs, start with consumption strategies and tips. 

2. Not All Resources Are Credible

Unfortunately, the cannabis market is saturated with misinformation. For one thing, weed culture as a whole has been stigmatized for decades, though many cannabis misconceptions and myths have been debunked. For another thing, cannabis manufacturers and sellers may exaggerate cannabis’s effects and health benefits. The best way to stay reliably informed is to look for reputable sources, such as local dispensary experts and credible online resources. 

3. You Have To Be Quick To Keep Up With Cannabis

The cannabis industry is quickly changing, with expanding state legalization and new alternative cannabinoids hitting the market. As you find cannabis education resources, consider subscribing to stay updated on the latest industry changes, products, and findings. 

4. Don’t Try To Learn Everything at Once

Given the vastness of the market, you should take your time when studying cannabis education online. Narrow down what you want to learn first, such as scientific data, legalization history, or common applications, before slowly expanding to other topics. 

5. Don’t Just Look at Recent History

When studying cannabis’s history and significance, it’s important to look back far enough. While today’s scientific findings are the most reputable, the movement to end cannabis prohibition dates back decades before state-level legalization began. 

Cannabis laws have a deep history of racism and systematic oppression, with some of the loudest pro-cannabis voices having been silenced and incarcerated. Many critics argue that much of cannabis’s complicated history has been erased and whitewashed, allowing people to ignore ongoing problems. This reinforces the need to utilize multiple resources and always check their credibility. 

More Cannabis Education Resources

The internet is home to many interesting cannabis facts, though not all are credible. At Harbor House Collective, we aim to stay informed and updated about everything weed-related to keep our customers informed too. Our dispensary experts will happily answer any cannabis questions you have. 

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