Weed Tolerance 101: Tips + Facts To Know

For many people, the first few times you smoke weed are euphoric, head-spinning, and overwhelming. However, the hundredth time usually won’t have the same effect — especially if you’ve smoked recently. This is because of weed tolerance.

Fortunately, your body’s tolerance to cannabis isn’t permanent. There are many ways to hack or reset your tolerance levels, including stronger products, tolerance breaks, and more. 

How Does Weed Tolerance Work?

Weed tolerance is your body’s natural response to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Like with a cold or flu, your body aims to adapt to cannabis’s effects and diminish their impact on your system. 

Tolerance is beneficial for not getting ripped every time you smoke a bowl. However, it can significantly limit your highs if you use cannabis daily or for medical purposes.

Maximizing Your Highs With Weed Tolerance Hacks

Every person’s cannabinoid receptors vary, so there’s no universal method for tracking your weed tolerance. Try out these ways to maximize your highs, including taking a break from weed entirely. 

Use Smaller Doses

Limiting how much you smoke in each session also limits how much your body has to adapt to. This way, you can likely get an equally potent high the next time you smoke and can gradually add more to each session.

Take Gaps When Smoking Multiple Times Per Day

Whether it’s a day off work or a long evening, there’s really nothing wrong with having two smoking sessions in one day. However, you should wait a bit before lighting up the second time.

Weed tolerance also affects us on a shorter, daily scale, impacting our dopamine levels. Because of this, you usually need to wait two to six hours between smoking sessions before starting again. Otherwise, you may only heighten the previous session’s lingering effects. 

Weed Tolerance Break Tips

Tolerance breaks, or “T breaks,” are the most common method for lowering your tolerance levels. During these breaks, you should refrain from using anything that contains THC to reset your cannabinoid receptors.

Efficient tolerance breaks take anywhere from three days to three weeks. The duration of your break is up to you and how your body works. Different people may need longer or shorter breaks depending on their smoking frequency, metabolism, and other factors. So, it may take a few T breaks to learn what works for you.  

THC Levels and Consumption Methods

Another weed tolerance hack is to switch up your weed and use higher-quality products as you feel your tolerance rising. Your body reacts differently to various THC levels and consumption options, such as vapes, joints, and edibles. If you’ve only smoked buds with 15% or lower THC levels, smoking something with 25% should provide a noticeable high.

Weed Tolerance vs. High-Quality Products

A huge part of working around your weed tolerance is using high-quality products that work for you. Because every person’s cannabinoid receptors are different, only you can learn what gets you the most high. 

At Harbor House Collective, our budtenders can point you toward the highest-quality product for your preferences. Shop today to hack your weed tolerance or give yourself something to look forward to after your T break.

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