Weed and Dreams: Does Marijuana Have An Effect?

Dreams are the visual embodiment of our imaginations, showing us images, stories, and the unconscious parts of ourselves. Since weed often contributes to creativity, it only makes sense that it could heighten our dreams, too! However, the effects of weed on dreams may differ for each person.

Dreams and the Stages of Sleep

The stages of sleep are separated into two categories: rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Your mind usually begins with light NREM sleep as your brain waves and heart rate slow down. Your NREM sleep eventually transitions into the REM stage. This cycle typically lasts about 90 minutes and repeats four to six times during a healthy night’s sleep.

Though you can experience dreams and creativity throughout your sleeping cycle, they’re usually the most vivid during the REM stage. Unlike your deepest NREM sleep, REM sleep may cause discomfort and irregular movements, so it’s not considered as restful as other stages. 

The Potential Impacts of Weed on Dreams

Consuming cannabis before falling asleep can take your dreams to new levels or keep you awake all night, depending on your body. Explore the pros, cons, and best practices for weed and dreams. 

Benefits of Weed and Dreams

Though everyone’s experiences differ, many cannabis users report having more vivid and exciting dreams while high. This is seemingly caused by the changes in brain wave activities, as you may feel more creative and curious. These effects are most noticeable after tolerance breaks or for first-time users. 

Furthermore, many people use cannabis to treat insomnia and fall asleep faster. 

Disadvantages of Weed and Dreams

Despite being used to treat insomnia, smoking weed before bed can negatively impact your sleep quality. Specifically, it may interrupt your REM cycle and keep your sleep from being as “deep” and restful as it should be. For this reason, many cannabis enthusiasts only smoke before bed if they know they can get more than eight hours.

Additionally, some people report having fewer dreams while high, which could be connected to changes in brain wave activity. However, it’s possible that these individuals still experienced dreams but didn’t remember them. 

Best Practices for Dreaming High

A study conducted in 2021 revealed that using THC vapes with little CBD may have a more positive impact on NREM sleep than edibles and smoking methods. However, more research is needed, as each method, strain, and dosage seems to impact every person differently. So, your best practices for weed and dreams should be based on your personal preferences and needs. 

For the sake of tolerance, it’s highly recommended to only start with small doses before bed. Many of the recorded negative impacts on REM sleep are primarily associated with frequent cannabis use. So, cutting down your nightly doses and taking tolerance breaks may help your sleep quality long-term. 

Explore the Effects of Weed and Dreams with Harbor House Collective

The cannabis community is still learning more about weed’s effects on dreams and what they can mean for each individual. At Harbor House Collective, we can help you find the best strains for your creativity and sleep. Explore our online store to find the best strains for weed and dreams. 

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