Weed Culture at the Local Level: How Communities Are Evolving

Cannabis is now legal in many places across the United States, changing how people view weed’s usage and benefits. Since Massachusetts legalized it in 2018, more vigorous cannabis research has been introduced, new products have hit the market, and communities of all sizes have reaped the benefits. 

Continue reading as we discuss how positive weed culture can improve communities at the local level.

Economic Boost

The cannabis market is growing rapidly, bringing more tax revenue into state and local economies. In Massachusetts, cannabis sales are taxed up to 20% — 10.75% is an excise tax, 6.25% is standard sales tax, and 3% is a local tax. The local tax alone brought in $20.6 million in revenue to Massachusetts cities in 2022, compared to $13.3 million in 2021. 

These sales taxes often return directly to the community. For example, much of Massachusetts’s cannabis revenue between 2018 and 2020 went toward Boston’s transportation systems and School Building Authority funds. Additionally, many individual cities across Massachusetts have used this newfound income to improve operations and fund programs they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Safer Public Health for Communities

Much like the United States’s alcohol prohibition between 1920 and 1933, the prohibition of cannabis poses many health concerns to communities. For example, in cities and states where cannabis is illegal, cannabis workers are vulnerable to exploitation, wage theft, and other predatory behaviors. Additionally, these outdated laws negatively contribute to the racial disparity in arrests and incarcerations for cannabis possession. 

Maintaining an informed, legalized cannabis community also ensures the cannabis itself is safe. Cannabis cultivation is highly regulated in Massachusetts, as the state mandates licensing, temperature, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, square footage, and safe limitations for growing cannabis at home. Unregulated cannabis can pose many health concerns to users via pesticides, arsenic, mercury, and other contaminants.

Increasing Education and Awareness

Because of its political history, cannabis is still taboo among some communities. Many concerns regarding cannabis’s legalization are unwarranted or based on misconceptions. For example, despite many claims, cannabis is not believed to cause permanent brain damage in adults. It also cannot realistically cause drug-induced overdoses

Many people claim cannabis use is dangerous and full of risks, while others argue it’s risk-free. The truth lies somewhere in between, and we’re still learning more as research and data expand. However, from what we currently know, cannabis poses many benefits and few risks as long as you use it appropriately. 

By allowing cannabis to be discussed openly in the community, misconceptions can be amended, and people can learn more about cannabis’s benefits, risks, and ongoing research for safer practices. 

How Harbor House Collective Is Helping Shape a Healthy Weed Culture

With over 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience, Harbor House Collective understands the ins and outs of the developing industry, making us aware of new changes and concerns and helping us better serve our community’s needs. Our products are high-quality, third-party tested, and specialized for different effects, such as calmness, creativity, and energy.Visit Harbor House Collective online or in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to learn more about how we’re shaping a positive cannabis community. 

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