Does Vaping Weed Smell? Here’s What to Expect

Even if you don’t notice the scent, smoking weed emits a strong, pungent smell that others won’t be able to ignore. However, does vaping weed smell just as bad? 

Vaping THC instead of smoking creates a significantly less noticeable scent — plus, vapes are much easier to set up and give you rather different highs. Find out what gives weed products their unique aromas and what you can do to limit your vaping odor.

What Gives Weed a Skunk Smell?

As opposed to synthetic THC oils, physical cannabis buds often feature noticeable smells, even before you smoke them. The typical smells of unlit weed stem from its terpenes. These natural aromas may help you detect the “strongest” strains or, at the very least, find the options you liked from last time. 

When smoked, weed creates an even more pungent and distracting scent similar to that of a spraying skunk — though not nearly as awful. This smell is produced by the heat reaction of various chemical compounds, including sulfur and terpenes. These smells are very challenging to hide and are most noticeable after smoking joints and blunts. 

Does Vaping Weed Smell?

On the other hand, vaping weed creates a significantly weaker smell than smoking it. This is because vapes’ synthetic THC oils contain less noticeable terpenes and chemical reactions. So, your neighborhood won’t be bothered by the smell of skunk whenever you want to get high. 

However, vaping weed still does produce a smell, even if you don’t notice it. Fortunately, this terpene scent doesn’t last nearly as long and won’t stick to your hair, clothes, and surfaces like typical smoke. Plus, THC vape carts with unique and fruity flavors may cover the weed smell with something more palatable. 

How To Decrease Your Vaping Odor

First and foremost, you should be aware of what you’re vaping with before you start. Used vape batteries with burnt coils or built-up oils will likely create more noticeable smells and a more uncomfortable experience. Contrarily, new, high-power vape pens could produce larger, more aromatic puffs that you’re not prepared for. So, you should only use high-quality vapes, but keep them on lower settings if you want to hide the odor. 

Next, consider your vape cart’s scents. Different strains, such as Apricot Jelly and Papaya Cake, emit unique scents of varying noticeability. Search for vapes with fruitier smells or limited scents to reduce your odds of being noticed. After you finish vaping, consider using a scent spray and gum to eliminate any remaining odors.

Nevertheless, someone with hypersensitivity to smell may still pick up the scent of vapes. So, if you genuinely don’t want anyone to know you’re high, consider grabbing a THC edible with a breath mint instead. 

Discreet Cannabis Products at Harbor House Collective

Now that you know vaping weed does smell — just not as bad — you should have everything you need for a discreet vape session. Explore Harbor House Collective’s vaporizer products to find high-quality, low-scent strains. 

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