Discussion: The Pros & Cons of Living Next to a Dispensary

Although the cannabis industry is still young, it’s growing quickly. Nationwide, sales increased 40% in 2021, reaching $25 billion, and they’ll likely continue growing over the next several years. In Massachusetts, the recreational market alone saw a nearly 21% increase in sales in the first half of 2022 over 2021. 

All of that growth has led to more cannabis businesses popping up. More people are starting to see them near their homes. Is living next door to a cannabis farm or dispensary a good thing? Or will it have a negative impact? Let’s take a few moments to weigh the pros and cons. 

The Upside of Living Next to a Dispensary

We’ll start with the benefits that come with living next to a dispensary:


If you’re a cannabis user, living next to a dispensary can be incredibly convenient. You’ll never have to go far to purchase your favorite products. You may even be able to walk or bike rather than take your car. 

A Boost to the Local Economy 

Dispensaries can generate a decent amount of tax revenue. The taxes collected then go back into the community, helping it thrive. Additionally, dispensary visitors (tourists, in particular) may also decide to check out other local shops, giving an extra boost to the economy. 

Creates Jobs for the Community

Dispensaries need employees to operate. A new shop means more job openings, which community members can fill. 

Promotes a Legal Way to Get Cannabis in the Neighborhood

Dispensaries provide access to legal cannabis in a community. Both the shop and the products it sells must meet strict safety standards. That may help drive illegal, potentially harmful cannabis out of the area. 

The Drawbacks to Living Close to a Dispensary 

Now let’s take a brief look at some potential drawbacks of having a dispensary nearby:

Increased Foot Traffic

Where there’s a dispensary, there’s bound to be plenty of people looking to purchase cannabis products. That could mean your community becomes a bit more crowded. 

The Scent May Be Everywhere

Cannabis — the flowers in particular — has a pretty recognizable odor. That odor also tends to cling to everything. Even if you typically enjoy the scent, having to smell cannabis 24/7 may get old. It can also make going to work or visiting family a little awkward. 

Selling a Home May Prove More Challenging

Despite the growing popularity of cannabis, not everyone’s on board just yet. If you decide you want to sell your home, you may lose potential buyers because of your proximity to a dispensary. 

Proximity Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Access to Quality

Not every local dispensary stocks high-quality products and employs friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. Sure, the shop may be within walking distance, but it won’t mean much if your experiences are subpar. Sometimes, the best cannabis shops are worth traveling a little further from home. 

Living Next to a Dispensary: Summing Up

There are plenty of benefits that come with living next to a dispensary. There are also a few drawbacks. While it may seem like a dream for some, it’s not ideal for everyone, even those who use cannabis.

Whether you live next to a dispensary or not, quality matters. For the highest-quality cannabis near Boston, look no further than Chelsea’s own Harbor House Collective. We offer a wide selection of premium cannabis and cannabis products, many of which we grow and manufacture in-house. Many of our employees are also residents of the local community. Visit us in person to check out our offerings today! 

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