Bong vs. Bubbler: What to Know & How to Choose

Bongs and bubblers are among the most popular methods for smoking weed — and for similar reasons. Both weed accessories feature interior water chambers that filter out smoke and help you make the most of your buds. However, they also have a few critical differences, including size and versatility, that you must consider before investing. 

Bongs: Uses, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Bongs are constructed with a large interior chamber that should be filled with water. This chamber accepts airflow from a smaller tube leading to the bowl or “slide” that you put the weed in. After you light it, the smoke submerges into the water, which filters some of it out, before rising up the central tube for inhalation. This unique smoking method usually gives a more intense high than bubblers because you inhale more with each puff. 

Many cannabis users fine-tune their highs by moving the bong’s slide up and down while smoking. Keeping the slide completely in the bong tube helps the weed burn as you inhale. Meanwhile, lifting the slide opens airflow and sends the smoke straight to the mouthpiece. Playing around with the bong slide will help you learn more about how it works and the best methods for you. However, you should keep the slide inside the tube when passing the bong to prevent smoke from escaping its chamber.

Depending on the size of your slide, smoking with a bong uses more flower than other consumption methods. Fortunately, you’ll usually feel the full effects of the flower faster and more prominently, so this is worth it for many people. Plus, the weed generally stops burning between bong hits, so you won’t waste as much as you would with joints. These factors make bongs some of the best weed accessories for smoking with friends — or getting completely toasted alone. 

Bubblers: Uses, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Weed bubblers have similar designs as bongs but are usually much smaller, making them ideal for milder highs and outdoor adventures. Like bongs, bubblers’ interior chambers should be filled partially with water to collect and filter smoke. This creates the bubbling sound that gives bubblers their name.

Unlike bongs, most bubblers don’t have a separate slide to put buds in. Instead, the bowl is attached to the side of the bubbler. Similar to other glass weed accessories, airflow is then controlled using a small hole on the side that you cover with your finger. 

Most bubblers use less flower than bongs, though many have larger bowls that are perfect for group sessions. Nevertheless, you may not want to pack your bubbler too tight. Its chambers and tubes simply can’t hold as much as bongs, so you’ll inhale less with each puff. This more compact design makes bubblers ideal for cannabis users with asthma and other breathing conditions.

Bong vs. Bubbler at Harbor House Collective

As any experienced cannabis user may tell you, every combination of weed strains and accessories can give you a different high. At Harbor House Collective, we’re dedicated to helping cannabis enthusiasts like you find the best options for their desired highs, whether you prefer bongs or bubblers. 

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