How To Make Weed Last Longer: 4+ Tips and Hacks

Finding an old joint or vape cartridge can be exciting — it’s pretty much free weed, after all! However, while older weed poses no additional health risks, it may not get you very high. 

Whether you’re stocking up or a cannabis beginner, you should learn the best storage solutions to keep your weed fresh and potent.

How To Make Weed Last Longer

Check out these tips and practices for improving your marijuana shelf life. 

1. Use Airtight Storage Solutions

Proper weed storage is the most crucial aspect of its longevity, as leaving your buds out for even one night could ruin their potency. Many cannabis products already come in airtight containers, such as jars and zip-top bags, which work great! Store these in room-temperature locations out of the sun for the best longevity. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts store their buds in their grinders, particularly ones with magnets. While this is a fantastic short-term solution, your weed may dry out after only a few days. 

2. Regularly Check Your Weed’s Quality 

If you stock up on weed, then it’s essential to have a way to manage your goodies. Otherwise, you may risk some falling to the back and going bad. While you don’t need to maintain a database (unless that’s your thing!), you should regularly check what you have in your collection. 

Specifically, inspect your flower and buds. If they feel flaky or crusty, they are likely close to or past the end of their shelf life. As you go, prioritize any weed that’s getting old to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

3. Smoke It When You Buy It

Most cannabis products, including pre-rolls, concentrates, and vapes, have six to twelve months of shelf life. However, you’ll likely feel significantly stronger effects if you smoke it the first day rather than five months later.

Granted, you should take your time when using cannabis and not smoke everything right out the dispensary door. Nevertheless, you can make your inventory more manageable and high-quality by not buying more than you need at once. 

4. Use Smaller Doses

From another point of view, smoking less will help your weed last longer on the shelf — especially if there are certain high-quality products you want to hold onto. Smoking in smaller doses can take many forms, including fewer hits and your consumption method.

When you decide to start your smoking session, take a moment to consider how much you actually plan to use. In general, a joint contains less flower than a blunt, and smoking a pipe uses less than most bongs. So, consider mixing up your smoking options and saving larger methods for special occasions. 

Invest in High-Quality Weed

The quality of your weed also plays a significant role in its longevity, as top-shelf products may last for more time than budget weed, or less. Research products before buying them to estimate their shelf life. For example, look for weed that’s been grown indoors rather than outdoors for stronger, more durable buds. 

You should also consider the dispensary you buy from. Try asking budtenders about their storage and transportation solutions to ensure the weed you buy is fresh. Visit Harbor House Collective to learn about our storage solutions and how to make weed last longer.

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