5 Weed Accessories Every Experienced User Needs

It takes more than a handful of weed to get buzzed — you’ll at least need something to smoke it with. Many of the best weed accessories are specialized for particular highs, such as discrete smoking sessions and full-body experiences. So, you have lots of options to choose from. 

Check out these five weed accessories every cannabis enthusiast should own. 

1. Herb Grinders

Weed grinders are often deemed essential for smoking buds. These small, magnetic containers let you shred large buds into smaller pieces that are perfect for joints, bowls, and bubblers. Plus, most grinders feature a bottom compartment that collects the smaller, more potent cannabis crystals, called kief or “keef.”

Many cannabis enthusiasts even use their grinders for short-term storage, such as when visiting friends.

2. Bowls, Bongs, and Bubblers

Pipe-style weed accessories are some of the most popular ways to get stoned. Bongs, bowls, and bubblers use interior chambers to collect smoke before you inhale it. This filters out some of the smoke and provides a distinct high that often feels more potent than joints and vapes. Additionally, “glass” smoking methods generally stop burning between puffs, so you won’t waste your buds like you would with a joint. 

3. THC Vape Pens and Batteries

Vaping cannabis is a great alternative to smoking because it’s quicker to set up, easier to hide, and potentially healthier. Studies reveal that vaping exposes you to fewer toxins and respiratory symptoms. Plus, THC vapes don’t smell nearly as potent as joints and bowls, making them ideal for discrete highs. 

While disposable vape pens must be thrown out after they’re empty, vape batteries are rechargeable and can connect to various THC carts. Overall, reusable vape pens are better for long-term use and for mixing up your highs with different cannabis strains. 

4. Joint-Rolling Gear

Joints and blunts are pivotal to cannabis culture. These smoking options provide potent head highs and unignorable terpene smells. However, unless you only smoke pre-rolls, you’ll need at least a few weed accessories to prepare your joints.

The best joint-rolling supplies include:

  • Hemp or cigarette roller 
  • Natural rolling paper
  • Pre-rolled tips
  • Cone fillers
  • Small tubes or baggies for storage

5. Safes and Lockboxes

Finally, every responsible cannabis enthusiast should have an airtight, room-temperature lockbox for storing their weed. Under Massachusetts law, adults with over one ounce of cannabis must keep it stored in a locked location. Secure storage is especially critical for parents and pet owners, regardless of how much you have. Plus, keeping your weed lockbox in a safe, room-temperature area guarantees it stays fresh for as long as possible. 

Find the Top Weed Accessories at Harbor House Collective

Cannabis culture is filled with diverse interests and consumption methods, so your collection of weed accessories will probably look different from everyone else’s. With a vast inventory of buds, vape carts, and accessories, Harbor House Collective can help you answer the question, “What do you need to smoke weed?” Visit our online store to learn more. 

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