6 Cannabis Myths Debunked

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the United States. Although cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, several states have legalized it for medical and recreational use. An overwhelming majority of U.S. adults believe it should be legal. 

Despite its growing acceptance, there’s still a lot that people don’t know about cannabis. Many beliefs spread by anti-drug campaigns decades ago persist today. Here, we’re busting six cannabis myths people still believe. 

1. Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug

Contrary to what DARE programs used to teach, cannabis use isn’t the first step on a path to harder drugs. Research indicates there’s no causal link between cannabis use and moving on to other substances. Some studies suggest that it’s more of an “exit” drug than a “gateway.” It may even aid in the treatment of addiction disorders

2. All Users Are Stoners

You’ve probably heard on more than one occasion that using cannabis will turn you into a lazy, unproductive stoner. While some strains are certainly quite relaxing, weed won’t destroy your long-term motivation. 

In some instances, weed can boost energy and increase focus. One study found that individuals who use cannabis before or after exercising tend to work out longer — and enjoy their workout sessions more — than those who don’t. 

3. People Who Use Cannabis Do So Often

Not all cannabis users are heavy users. According to research, only one-fifth of all cannabis users consume weed daily or almost daily. Approximately one-third have used it for 10 days or less in the past year. In other words, more people are infrequent users than heavy users.  

4. Weed Is a Harmful Drug

There are many stories out there about how cannabis causes cancer and a whole range of other harmful health effects. However, many studies have disproven these claims and shown that weed is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and “hard” drugs like cocaine and heroin. Some research indicates that cannabis may have protective effects and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. While there are some risks associated with smoking, they’re generally less significant than those associated with smoking tobacco. Additionally, there are plenty of other ways to consume weed. 

That said, cannabis from unknown sources can be dangerous. Purchasing weed products from a reputable, licensed dispensary is a must. Shops like Harbor House sell only the highest-quality cannabis. All products undergo testing to ensure they meet the strictest quality and safety standards.

5. Using Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

While cannabis can cause a temporary—and reversible—decrease in your short-term memory, it doesn’t kill brain cells. In fact, research suggests the plant can help the body grow new brain cells, which could benefit those who have suffered a stroke or brain injury. It may also help slow the progression of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

6. Legalization Will Increase Crime

Opponents of recreational and medical cannabis would have you believe otherwise, but legalizing weed won’t increase crime rates. In some cases, researchers have found it has no impact on crime rates. In others, they’ve noticed a decrease in crime. 

Reduced crime rates are only one of the economic benefits of legalization. Making weed legal could also assist with job creation, boost tourism, and increase tax revenue.

Dispel Marijuana Myths and Misconceptions

At Harbor House Collective, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis products in a safe, fun, and educational environment. With cannabis education, we can help squash cannabis myths and empower consumers like yourself to make informed decisions.

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