Is Cannabis for Dogs Safe? Here’s A Quick Guide

As much as they may beg, giving weed to your dog is never a good idea. However, this doesn’t mean that pets can’t still benefit from cannabis’s effects. Specialized cannabidiol (CBD) products may help our furry friends relieve stress and pain, though there’s a lot you should know first. 

Explore more about cannabis for dogs, including what to do if your dog eats weed.

Benefits of Weed for Humans

Like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in standard weed, CBD is a cannabinoid that can decrease your stress and pain. However, CBD is significantly weaker than THC, with practically no intoxicating or psychoactive effects. 

This tamer experience makes CBD products great substitutes for standard weed. Now, people with chronic pain, anxiety, or difficulty focusing can use something that helps them without getting “high.” 

Additionally, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD and other cannabinoids on a federal level. As a result, CBD products are now legal in many states where cannabis is still otherwise prohibited. Many people in these states use CBD instead of THC for its calming — and legal — effects. 

Is Cannabis Safe for Dogs?

THC products are unsafe and potentially lethal to dogs, though every situation varies. In general, cannabis may only become deadly after dogs have consumed three or more grams — about the equivalent of an eighth. However, your dog’s size, the weed’s concentration, and many other variables can put your furry friend at a higher risk. So, you must be careful when handling weed near your pets.

On the other hand, CBD may be much safer and more beneficial for dogs. Though further studies are required, CBD may help dogs with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain without the risks of THC products. However, you should talk to your vet before using CBD for dogs. 

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Weed

If your pet eats weed, you should first be aware of your response, as panicking your dog could cause their heart to accelerate. Judge the situation, including when they consumed the weed and how much. Call your veterinarian or an emergency pet hotline immediately if they have swallowed a considerable amount of cannabis or something else harmful, such as tobacco leaves.

Even if they only ate a small amount, closely monitor your pet for at least several hours after they’ve consumed weed. Dogs may appear uncoordinated and tired if the weed has an effect, which is typically not harmful. However, extreme cases can lead to vomiting, comas, and other serious concerns. 

Learn More About Cannabis for Dogs (and Humans)

Since being legalized on state and federal levels, cannabinoid products have changed how many people look at weed. Even though you can’t safely purchase cannabis for dogs, new research in pet CBD may open doors down the road. In the meanti

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