How To Roll A Good Joint: Essentials Steps & Tips

While you can always buy a pre-roll, there’s something special about lighting up a joint you rolled yourself. However, a good joint requires more than a piece of paper and a few twists. Effective joint rolling requires the right tools, practice, and care. 

Follow these easy steps to learn how to roll a good joint. 

1. Invest in the Right Tools

Some people try to roll joints with napkins and other household supplies, but the results are rarely reliable. Fortunately, you can find most of the joint-rolling supplies you need for fairly cheap at your local dispensary or smoke shop. 

Look for the following joint rolling essentials:

  • Natural rolling paper: These thin papers are specially designed for smoking. Some feature unique flavors, but most are made of hemp and other fibers meant to burn immediately. The most popular rolling paper size is “1 1/4,” though you can usually find smaller and larger options, too.
  • Tips, crutches, and filters: Joint tips filter out some of the buds and give you a place to hold onto without burning your fingers. Many tips and filters are sold pre-rolled, so you can immediately pop them into your roller.
  • Grinder: A weed grinder breaks your cannabis buds into smaller, easier-to-burn pieces. 
  • Joint roller: Though not technically necessary, rollers are highly recommended if you’re new to joints. These small contraptions let you portion out your weed and evenly roll it into joints. 

2. Prep Your Weed

Use a grinder to break your weed down for smoking. Though you can get away without a grinder for bowls and bongs, they’re highly recommended for joints due to how quickly they burn. 

In addition to regular flower, some cannabis enthusiasts enjoy rolling THC concentrates and extracts into their joints. These can boost the weed’s effects and duration. Keep your concentrates ready on the side, but don’t mix them with your buds just yet. 

3. Assemble Your Joint

If you’re using a joint roller, open it and place a single tip at the very end. Then, pour the flower from your grinder into the rest of the roller until it’s about level with the tip. Follow the arrows on the tool to roll the buds together and make sure everything is even.

If you’re not using a joint roller, lay out your joint paper and place a tip at the end. Then, drop an even amount of buds down the middle of the paper without overlapping with the tip. Finally, sprinkle in the concentrate or extract if you have any.

4. Roll It and Lick It

If you’re using a joint roller, roll the buds and tip together several times. Then, carefully slide a piece of rolling paper inside while keeping it parallel with the roller. Roll the device in the direction of the arrows until only part of the paper is sticking out. Lick this part thoroughly like an envelope, and then spin the roller several more times to pack it tight. 

If you’re rolling by hand, pinch the paper and roll the edges over one another as tightly as you can. Lick the end and seal it tightly. Then, use your finger or a pen to pack the end of the joint so no pieces fall out. 

Learn How To Roll a Good Joint With Harbor House Collective

The best way to perfect your joint-rolling skills is through practice. At Harbor House Collective, we are dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality cannabis perfect for rolling and lighting up. Visit our online shop to learn more about how to roll a good joint. 

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