Choosing the right East Boston dispensary takes time and research to avoid overpaying for cannabis products and wasting time with products that fail to yield a good return on your investment. If you haven’t yet visited Harbor House Collective, we invite you to stop in to our cannabis dispensary to see what we have in stock. While other marijuana dispensaries in East Boston are limiting their hours of operation due to Covid, our doors are open 7 days a week for your convenience. We strive to maintain a reputation as one of the best recreational dispensaries in the greater Boston area.

7 Top Shelf Cannabis Strains We Carry

1. If you like a heady buzz that leaves you pondering the mysteries of the universe while reclining in your favorite easy chair, Blue Dream is for you. If you’ve never tried Blue Dream, we highly recommend at least one serious tango with this extremely popular strain. Not all recreational dispensaries in East Boston carry Blue Dream- we try to always have this favorite available.

2. Do you have an all night event coming up? Green Crack will keep you awake, alert, and in optimum focus. You won’t even think about shutting one eye for a snooze when you’ve had a toke or two of Green Crack.

3. Our list would simply not be complete without a mention about Northern Lights, a reliable medical marijuana strain that is also quite enjoyable as a recreational option. If you need help relaxing in a crowd, a few puffs of this strain will open up new lines of communication and allow you to mix & mingle, even among strangers.

4. Select Granddaddy Purple for those times when you’re relaxing at home with friends and want to melt into the furniture for a while. GP is Indica-dominant highly prized for its taste. When you buy weed in Boston, MA, make sure you purchase from an East Boston dispensary that is able to authenticate their strains.

5. Are you looking to make short work of a long-overdue project? Sour Diesel will keep you going long after you would otherwise lose interest. SD delivers a quick punch that lasts and lasts, and is adored for the dreamy, heady high it produces.

6. If pungent or sour aftertones are a turn-off to you, consider trying Strawberry Cough for a tasty, earthy flavor that will put a big smile on your face. Strawberry Cough is often referred to as the happy strain because it elicits laughs and smiles at the most unexpected moments.

7. Mark Durban Poison on your list of must-try Sativa strains when you need help getting through your day. Its sweet, anise flavor and potent high are two of the reasons why Durban Poison is loved by cannabis smokers the world over.

Consider visiting our East Boston dispensary when comparing cannabis shops in the East Boston region; you’ll find we are able to meet all of your needs. At Harbor House Collective, we believe quality is something that should never be compromised.


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