Cannabis & Parenting: From Taboo to Trending News

For many years in the United States, weed and cannabis were depicted as a taboo surrounded by stigmas, judgments, and crimes. Today, amid state-wide legalizations and updated scientific data on its effects, many stigmas are changing, especially how we view cannabis and parenting. 

Many parents actively use cannabis to help them push through the stress, chaos, and physical pains that come with motherhood and fatherhood. Read on to learn more about the stigmas and benefits of cannabis parenting.

Stigmas Surrounding Cannabis Parenting

The stigmas surrounding weed are endless, and many aren’t unfounded. At a base level, keeping and using cannabis in the same house as children pose risks. Second-hand smoke or particles left around the home can expose children to cannabis. In extreme scenarios, this exposure can result in comas, slowed breathing, and severe hyperactive behaviors. 

Another significant concern is how parents may act while under the influence. Parents who handle their children while intoxicated may accidentally inflict injuries by moving too quickly, being uncoordinated, or being unaware of their surroundings. Additionally, intoxicated parents may miss children’s social cues, such as hunger, fear, or a need to be comforted. 

However, while some parents may get ungodly high around their kids, drive while intoxicated, and not lock up their pot, the majority of cannabis parents are incredibly responsible. Therefore, it is unfair to automatically assume any parent who consumes cannabis is unfit, as many use weed to improve their parenting abilities. 

How Cannabis Impacts Parenting

Any parent can describe in detail the anxiety, stress, and pains that come with raising children. This physical and mental turmoil can add up, taking away from your sleep, impairing the quality time you spend with your children, and making parenthood feel like a chore.

Using cannabis in light amounts can significantly improve your stress levels and help you focus on what’s most important. For example, smoking pot or eating an edible before bed may help combat insomnia. Additionally, many parents have found pot usage to help them grow more patient around their kids, be better listeners, make storytime more exciting, and much more. 

How Cannamoms Are Inspiring Trends and Breaking Stigmas

While many parents responsibly use cannabis, it’s rare to find parents who will openly talk about it due to the stigmas, taboos, and overreactions based on misinformation. Fortunately, many parents, nicknamed “cannamoms,” are pushing against these stigmas to hopefully create a world where cannabis parenting can be discussed openly.

Many cannamoms use platforms like social media, community forums, and news outlets to share how weed has positively impacted their lives and helped them improve as parents. These public discussions not only shatter the stigmas surrounding cannabis, but they’re also great opportunities for other cannabis parents to see what they may be doing right or wrong. For example, some cannamoms may share their favorite storage options, smell-elimination sprays, and weed strains for staying focused.

Most parents who use cannabis will likely continue to do so, especially as we uncover more data about its benefits. Rather than shaming it, cannabis parenting should be openly discussed so parents can share approaches and learn from one another. At Harbor House Collective, we are dedicated to improving our community and stopping the spread of misinformation regarding our cannabis products.

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