Can I Smoke Weed In Public?: A Boston Local Laws Guide

Since being legalized in Massachusetts in 2016, cannabis consumption has become widely accepted in Boston. However, weed’s legality gets complicated if you want to smoke or carry it in public, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of Boston’s state and local laws before lighting up. 

Can I Smoke Weed in Public in Boston?

It is illegal to smoke or otherwise consume any form of marijuana in public in Boston under Massachusetts’ current state laws. Additionally, it’s illegal to smoke weed anywhere you can’t smoke tobacco, which includes most bars and designated nonsmoking zones.

Penalties for Smoking in Public in Boston

Smoking weed in public in Boston would violate Massachusetts’ public consumption law, and if you’re caught, you could receive a fine of up to $100. This may not seem like a lot, but more fines and penalties could be stacked depending on the circumstances of the incident. 

For example, if you’re hot-boxing in your car, you could receive an additional fine of $500 for having an open container of marijuana in a vehicle. Furthermore, if the police consider your actions disorderly at the time of the incident, Boston’s disorderly conduct laws could add another fine of up to $200, along with jail time if this isn’t your first offense. Smoking around non-consenting adults could also add penalties, as could littering. 

Can I Carry Weed in Boston?

It is legal to carry and possess weed in Boston so long as it’s in a closed container. According to Massachusetts state law, “an ‘open container’ includes a package with its seal broken or a package from which the contents have been partially removed.” Most legal cannabis products, like those from Harbor House Collective, come in containers that fit the legal parameters for a closed container.

Similar to laws about alcohol, you cannot have any opened weed containers inside the passenger area of your vehicle. Closed containers of cannabis are safe to bring in the car, but opened containers must be stored in the trunk or in a locked glove compartment.

Where Can I Legally Smoke Weed in Boston?

Despite the various laws, there are many places you can legally smoke weed in Boston so long as you’re over the age of 21. Boston currently has multiple consumption lounges that allow patrons to smoke whatever they want if it’s legal. However, many of these clubs are members-only, with strict laws they have to follow to keep in business, so consumption lounges may not be feasible for tourists in Boston.

Businesses such as bars and hotels may have designated outdoor smoking spots where cannabis consumption is permitted, or even private venues you can rent out. Other cannabis-friendly businesses in Boston sometimes hold events such as painting lessons and tea brewing where smoking is allowed. For many Boston locals, however, the safest place to legally smoke weed is at home or at a friend’s home. No matter where you choose to smoke, always be safe, aware of your surroundings, and conscious of whom you’re smoking around. 

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