Bringing Boutique Cannabis to Massachusetts

Harbor House Collective is a small, local family-owned cannabis company blending community and quality practices. Beginning from growing flowers in their native Colombia for market distribution throughout the Northeast to generational growth honoring a different kind of flower in their Chelsea facility. The 20+ years of cannabis cultivation experience, hand-picked genetics, and a passion for the plant, the team consistently provides connoisseur-level buds, pre-rolls, hash, and edibles.

The Harbor House Collective Mission

We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products in an environment that is safe, inviting, entertaining, and educational. We are a small group of entrepreneurs with cannabis backgrounds and a shared love for the cannabis plant and all of its properties.

Hand-Picked Genetics & Industry-Best Cultivation

When it comes to Cannabis flower and products, we only want the best, and we want the same for our customers. At HHC, we strive for the highest quality cannabis by starting with a focus on a premium selection of cannabis genetics.  Our cultivation team is always improving by handpicking our genetics in-house ensuring each strain has been hunted, grown, and manicured following our strict attention to details in terpenes, potency, and overall appeal to the consumer. We grow our plants locally, adhering to industry-best practices.

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