Weed Jobs & Careers In MA: Trends and Tips for Success

As cannabis is a relatively new and chaotic industry in Massachusetts, there may be tumultuous times ahead with an imbalance between supply and demand. But in 2022, the state still collected over $1.42 billion in adult-use sales

As cannabis dispensaries pop up, consumer interest grows. There’s never been a better time to look for weed jobs in Mass. 

What Are Some Popular Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts? 

Like any other production-based industry, cannabis careers include accountants, sales and marketing professionals, directors, realtors, compliance officers, technicians, wholesalers, product buyers, and more. 

But you can seek out engaging weed-specific jobs too. Here are some of the current most popular cannabis career opportunities. 


Also known as sales associates or dispensary agents, budtenders work at dispensaries helping customers choose products and ringing their purchases through the till. There’s no shortage of demand for new budtenders in Massachusetts, and it’s the most popular entry-level job. 

Delivery DriverA

As more licensed retailers start to offer door-to-door weed delivery services, the demand for drivers has snowballed. But there have been cannabis delivery drivers for as long as there has been a legal industry — think about any time an extractor or cultivator has needed to send product to a testing lab or retailer. 


The role of a cannabis plant trimmer used to be seasonal. But now, more cultivation facilities are expanding, so they need year-round part-time and full-time trimmers. Pruning the plants correctly is essential to any cannabis cultivation facility, so trimmers will always be in demand. 

Do You Need Qualifications to Work in Cannabis in Massachusetts? 

There is no official “cannabis qualification” you need to obtain before you can apply for a weed job in Massachusetts. But some organizations offer general certificates that show your employer you know the state laws and regulations before you step through the door. 

Understandably, jobs in different areas of the industry will ask you to have the relevant skill set, qualifications, or experience. For example:

  • Budtender: You may need restaurant or retail experience or a general cannabis training certificate.
  • Edibles maker: The employer may want you to have experience in a food prep environment.
  • Plant scientist: Qualifications in agriculture, horticulture, or soil science are often essential.
  • Dispensary manager: The employer may ask for previous experience managing a small team.
  • Grower: A background in cultivation, farming, or gardening is advantageous.

Tips for Working in the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

Market Yourself

The cannabis industry has a cool image and attracts a lot of interest. Securing a cannabis job is no walk in the park. So, to get an interview, you’ll need to stand out. Research the skills needed for the role you want, then match them to your skill set and relevant work experience. 


The Massachusetts weed industry was built by small business owners with a shared vision. Attend industry events and join cannabis industry LinkedIn groups. Take the time to network authentically and help others, and you should never find yourself out of a job. 

Continued Education

To keep growing in your chosen field, get additional qualifications every year that are relevant to your role. Stay up to date with state laws, product trends, and scientific developments to show your employer and contacts you’re serious about a career in cannabis. 

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