How to Support Your Local Weed Business: 8 Ideas

Small businesses are an integral part of the local community. Along with providing goods and services, they create jobs and generate revenue that helps the local economy thrive.

There are many reasons to support your local business owners, from family-owned restaurants to your preferred small weed business. For one thing, small stores tend to provide more personalized, memorable customer service, making your shopping experiences far more enjoyable. For another, your purchases can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, likely people who live in the area, too. Shopping local also enables you to contribute to your local economy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Not sure how to support local businesses? Here are eight easy things you can do for your favorite dispensary.  

1. Shop Your Local Dispensary

Whether you need to restock your stash or want to find something new to try, purchasing products from your local dispensary is the most direct way to support the business. 

2. Can’t Stop By In Person? Order Delivery

If you don’t have time to swing by your favorite shop in person, see if they offer delivery. That way, you can get your products delivered right to your door and still support your local weed business.  

3. Get Gift Cards

When you buy a gift card from a weed business, you invest in them immediately and pledge to support them in the future by returning to use it later. Giving gift cards as gifts encourages others to support the dispensary, too. 

4. Tip Your Budtender

While it isn’t required, tipping your budtender a few bucks for incredible service is a great way to say thank you and show your support for the business. 

5. Write Reviews

Glowing reviews can go a long way for your local weed business. They have the power to set the dispensary apart and influence a potential customer’s purchasing decisions. Help the dispensary grow its reputation and its customer base with 5-star ratings and an account of your experiences. 

6. Refer Friends and Family 

Don’t keep your favorite dispensary a secret! Any time you have the opportunity, tell others about it. Some weed businesses will even reward you for your referrals with discounts and other perks.   

7. Add Your Name to Their Email Contact List

Want to be the first to know about your local dispensary’s latest sales and special deals? Sign up for email updates. As a bonus, you can forward emails to friends or family members to spread awareness and encourage more support.  

8. Share Posts on Social Media

Many small businesses, dispensaries included, use social media. It’s a great way to get noticed, share products and services, and keep followers up to date on sales, specials, and other happenings. 

Follow your local weed shop on social media. Like their posts and engage with them by leaving comments. Help spread awareness by sharing their latest updates or tagging them in any images you upload. 

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