Do You Tip at a Boston Dispensary? Here’s What to Know

Tipping is a common practice in many service-oriented businesses in the United States. You might tip your server, bartender, or valet parking attendant to show your appreciation for their hard work, care, and quality of service. That often leaves cannabis users wondering, do you tip at a dispensary?

Is Tipping at Dispensary Locations Allowed?

In the early days of legal cannabis, tipping wasn’t always allowed in dispensaries. For instance, Washington didn’t allow the practice initially based on an interpretation of one of the state’s cannabis laws. However, in more recent years, things have changed. Customers are free to tip their budtenders if they wish to do so.

Current Expectations and Practices for Tipping at Boston Dispensary Locations

While tipping is legal in Boston dispensaries, it isn’t a requirement, nor do most budtenders expect it. Most shops don’t leave tip jars on their counters to avoid making their customers feel compelled to put anything in them. However, if you want to provide a tip, you absolutely can. Generally, just as you would pay for your cannabis, you’ll want to use cash. 

Potential Ethical Considerations

Some argue that businesses use tipping as an excuse to pay their employees a lower hourly wage. Others say it’s a form of bribery. You may even find some businesses, such as restaurants, that require a minimum gratuity for parties over a set number of people. 

In the legal cannabis space, tipping is never a necessity. Dispensaries can’t make tips a required part of your purchase. Dispensary owners also aren’t allowed to withhold tips from their employees. Doing so could spell legal trouble. 

Should You Tip Your Budtender?

If you’re wondering whether or not to leave a tip during your next dispensary trip, the following advice may help.

Factors That Can Influence Your Decision

Several factors can play a role in your decision, such as:

  • The quality of service you receive
  • The amount of time your budtender devotes to helping you (answering questions, providing product recommendations, etc.)
  • How helpful you found your budtender
  • Your overall satisfaction with your visit

Ultimately, the decision to tip is yours. If you prefer to express your gratitude monetarily, you can. But you should never feel obligated to do so.

Determining How Much to Tip 

No exact formula exists to tell you how much to tip your Boston dispensary budtender. There are a few guidelines that may help, though. 

A $1 to $2 tip is usually good for basic transactions. If you had a bigger purchase, your budtender took their time to help you, and you were satisfied with the quality of service you received, you might tip between $2 and $5. For more complex orders or exceptional customer service, $5 to $10 may be appropriate.  

Other Ways to Express Your Gratitude

Tipping isn’t the only way to express your thanks for quality service. Beyond a genuine “thank you,” you could:

  • Shout out your budtender — and the dispensary — on social media
  • Let the dispensary manager know 
  • Leave a great review
  • Become a repeat customer

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