Can Dispensaries Deliver? A Quick Guide for Boston-Area Residents

On-demand services have grown in popularity, allowing people to purchase and receive goods and services as needed. You can find on-demand services for almost anything — grocery delivery, healthcare, prepared meals, and home services. But what about cannabis products? You may not always have the time or ability to get to your local dispensary. Wouldn’t it be great if the dispensary could bring your products to you instead? 

So, Can Dispensaries Deliver?

In short, dispensaries can deliver. However, this depends heavily on their location. Several states with legal cannabis allow for medical cannabis delivery. Only six states have made it legal for dispensaries and cannabis delivery companies to deliver recreational products. Fortunately for Boston-area residents, Massachusetts allows for both

Although it’s legal, not all dispensaries offer delivery. Some may allow customers to order online for pickup in-store. Others may have in-store shopping only. 

How Does Dispensary Delivery Work?

Dispensary delivery works similarly to ordering groceries or other products for delivery. Depending on the shop, you may go directly through a dispensary’s website, a cannabis review site, or a third-party cannabis delivery service

Harbor House has partnered with Zyp Run, a cannabis-specific delivery company. To place an order, first make an account. Then you can add the desired products to your cart, choose a delivery window, and submit your order. You pay for your products upon receipt. 

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

Before you place a dispensary delivery order, there are a few things you’ll need to remember:

Age Requirements

You must be 21 or older to order cannabis products for delivery. You’ll need to show a valid ID when your order arrives to complete the transaction and receive your items. 

Delivery Times

Many cannabis delivery companies, including Zyp Run, offer a variety of time slots during their hours of operation, enabling you to choose when you want to receive your order. You can place an order for same-day delivery or schedule it for another day. 

Note: Cannabis delivery drivers cannot leave your products on your doorstep or other location. You must be present to accept and pay for it.

Delivery Areas

Dispensaries and dispensary delivery companies may only deliver to certain areas. Zyp Run offers their services to customers in cities within the Greater Boston area. 

Extra Fees

The convenience of on-demand dispensary delivery services typically comes with additional fees. These fees can vary depending on the company and other factors. Zyp Run bases their fees on distance. You also have to meet a minimum order amount.

Payment and Tipping

You can pay for your order using cash or card. While they aren’t included in your total, you’re more than welcome to tip your cannabis delivery driver in cash as a thank you. 

Order Your Favorite Harbor House Collective Dispensary Products for Delivery

With dispensary delivery, Harbor House Collective makes it easy and convenient to get your favorite cannabis products when you can’t or don’t want to shop in person.  Visit us online to browse our selection and place your order through Zyp Run today!

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