Essential Weed Education: Weed Storage Tips to Know

You spend good money on quality cannabis. The last thing you want is for it to go bad before you finish it. But numerous factors can affect the quality of your buds, ruining their potency, flavor, and your overall experience. If you’re looking to preserve the integrity of your cannabis products, here’s your essential weed […]

This Is Harbor House: What Sets Us Apart As A Boston Dispensary

When you’re looking to purchase recreational cannabis, your first step is finding a dispensary. How do you decide which dispensary to visit? Sure, you could head to the nearest one and come out with a product that might provide the results you’re looking for. Or you could visit a shop that goes out of its […]

How to Find Mass Dispensary Deals: A Quick Guide

It’s hard to deny the appeal of good deals. There’s something satisfying about getting your favorite products, from groceries and home goods to personal care and hobby items, for less. It’s no different for cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re wondering how to find dispensary deals on marijuana and weed-related products, we’ve got a quick guide just […]

Weed Legalization Benefits: A Boston Dispensary Discussion

Weed legalization has been a hot topic for some time now. A majority of the U.S. population supports legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, with 60% saying both should be legal and 31% supporting medical use only.  Over the last few years, many states have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Massachusetts legalized […]

Marijuana Legalization Education: Trends, News & Predictions

Meta title: Marijuana Legalization Education: 5 Trends To Watch in 2022 Meta description: From growing efforts to legalize weed on the state level to new cannabis research, this article explores some of the top trends, breaking news, and expert predictions in the cannabis industry.  In many ways, the past year has been groundbreaking for cannabis […]

The Impact of Weed Legalization: MA Dispensary Discussions

Cannabis is legal in Massachusetts for over-21s, for both medical and recreational use. But how did we get here?  The first step toward legalization came in 2012 when medical cannabis was approved for patients suffering from serious health issues. And in November 2016, 54% of Massachusetts voters approved Question 4, which called to legalize cannabis […]

Day Tripping: Places To Go After Our Marijuana Dispensary Boston

Many activities are just more fun with a little weed. After partaking in your favorite daytime strain, you’re more relaxed and open to new experiences. That makes any adventure a little more fun and turns any trip into an adventure.  If you have the chance to visit Boston, you have the perfect opportunity to discover […]

Massachusetts Dispensary Tips: Cooking With Hash

People have been cooking with cannabis for a long time. It’s a fun way to switch up your routine, and you can completely control details like the flavor, consistency, and dosage of the resulting edibles.  Whether you’ve been cooking with cannabis for a long time or you’re just getting started, you may want to consider […]

Can You Enter a MA Dispensary at 18? What to Know (Marijuana Dispensary Massachusetts)

In 2016, Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana, opening the door for dispensaries across the state. Every year, the Massachusetts government implements more laws and restrictions that change what it means to visit a dispensary. Major overhauls and reforms  have occurred as recently as 2022, including a new Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. With new laws to […]

Discussion: The Pros & Cons of Living Next to a Dispensary

Although the cannabis industry is still young, it’s growing quickly. Nationwide, sales increased 40% in 2021, reaching $25 billion, and they’ll likely continue growing over the next several years. In Massachusetts, the recreational market alone saw a nearly 21% increase in sales in the first half of 2022 over 2021.  All of that growth has […]