The Growth & History of the Marijuana Dispensary In Massachusetts

Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2016 throughout Massachusetts, paving the way for a nonstop growth in business in the Bay State. During the last six years, over 67,000 people registered as cardholders, and about 100 dispensaries opened their doors all over the state. However, things weren’t always so easy for marijuana lovers in Massachusetts — […]

Top Staff Picks From Our Recreational Dispensary In Massachusetts

We all know the struggle — you walk into a dispensary and find yourself lost regarding which product to pick off the shelf. Lately, so many strains and formats have come out that even the most experienced marijuana user may have trouble choosing the right option for them. That’s why we at Harbor House Collective […]

A Crash Course in Hash (From Your Local Massachusetts Dispensary)

A Crash Course in Hash (From Your Local Massachusetts Dispensary) Harbor House, your local Massachusetts dispensary, provides clear answers to your cannabis-related questions. If you’re wondering, “What is hash?” or “What is hashish?” read on to learn more. You’re probably familiar with marijuana flowers or “buds.” The best-quality hash or hashish is the concentrated resin […]

Visiting A Weed Dispensary In Massachusetts: A Beginner’s Guide

Since the recreational cannabis market officially launched in 2018, dispensaries (the shops that sell adult-use weed) have started popping up all over Massachusetts. As of May 2022, there are 216 retailers in operation. Many of these dispensaries have been introducing cannabis enthusiasts old and new to some of the finest buds and highest-quality products available.  […]

Want The Best Dispensary In Massachusetts? 5 Things To Look For

The best dispensary in Massachusetts keeps you informed about the latest cannabis news and provides the best products and services at affordable prices. Massachusetts makes it easy for anyone over 21 to buy up to 1 ounce of pot or 5 grams of concentrate by showing any valid ID to enter a dispensary and purchase. […]

Your Local Boston Dispensary Guide: A Manual for Tourists

Boston is known for many things, including tea parties. But wouldn’t it be better to have a toke with your tea? You need to start your visit with a trip to a local Boston dispensary. Maybe your itinerary includes a ballgame at Fenway Park, a walk down Freedom Trail, or even an afternoon at the […]