Hotboxing 101: The What, Why & How

Whether you’re seeing a movie or just trying to escape, hotboxing is a great way to maximize your high. Unlike standard smoking sessions, hotboxing is done in a small, closed-in area, trapping the smoke in with you. 

Though it leaves you a little smellier, hotboxing should give you a wildly intense experience. Follow these tips to do it well. 

What Is Hotboxing and How Does It Work?

Secondhand smoke is usually something you should avoid to ensure others don’t unintentionally inhale your weed. However, when it comes to hotboxing, secondhand smoke is actually your priority.

“Hotboxing” is the act of smoking inside a small, unventilated space, such as a car or shed. This process keeps the smoke from escaping, instead forcing it to fill the air around you. Hotboxing sessions are especially fun with friends because they let everyone get a secondhand high while waiting for the joint to circle around. 

How To Hotbox Weed

Before your session, check out these hotboxing tips and best practices. 

1. Choose Your Method

Stock up on more weed than you usually would to truly fill the space. You can technically hotbox using anything, so long as there’s THC and something to inhale. However, consumption methods that emit significant amounts of smoke, including joints and dabs, provide better results. While you’ll still get a secondhand high from a THC vape, the effects are often minimal.

2. Find a Location

The most significant difference between a hotbox and a regular smoking session is where you do it. Search for a safe spot with limited airflow that’s comfortable enough to move around in. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts use their cars for hotboxing weed. However, this can create issues depending on your state’s cannabis laws, especially when smoking in the driver’s seat. Alternatively, search for a shed, camper, bathroom, or a similarly closed-in space. 

3. Identify Sources of Airflow

While your smoking location doesn’t need to be as airtight as a vacuum, you should take a moment to check its windows, doors, and other openings. Specifically, look for any issues you can quickly resolve, such as sticking a towel under a doorway gap. 

Checking on the airflow before lighting up ensures you have nothing to worry about during the smoking sesh itself. However, make sure there’s at least some way for oxygen to get in. 

4. Grab Your Lighter and Relax

Once you’ve secured your “box,” feel free to light up. Always consider your safety as you smoke, especially in extremely tight spaces. Keep an ashtray nearby if you’re smoking a joint, and get some air if it ever becomes too much. 

Don’t immediately leave after the weed is cashed, as the smoke should linger for a while. When you’re done, grab some odor-elimination spray for yourself and the hotbox space — you’ll need it. 

Stock Up on High-Quality Kush for Your Next Hotbox

Hotboxing ensures no weed goes to waste, instead adding to your high with every breath. While you’ll still feel something from smoking outside, the wind will blow away everything you don’t inhale. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use your highest-quality weed when hotboxing with friends. Explore Harbor House Collective’s variety of buds to stock up. 

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