Your Local Boston Dispensary Guide: A Manual for Tourists

Boston is known for many things, including tea parties. But wouldn’t it be better to have a toke with your tea? You need to start your visit with a trip to a local Boston dispensary.

Maybe your itinerary includes a ballgame at Fenway Park, a walk down Freedom Trail, or even an afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts. And the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an excellent choice for commemorating freedom, especially after you’ve gotten high.  

Weed tourism has been a “must-do” in Boston since voters legalized recreational cannabis in December 2016. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy different kinds of flower and cannabis products — and yes, you can brew your cannabis into tea, if you prefer.

Here’s everything you need to know during your upcoming weed tour Boston-style.

Yes, Cannabis Is Legal Here

Massachusetts residents voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in 2016, just four years after they voted to make marijuana legal for medical use. Still, there are some important details of the law you should know before arriving in the city.

Consume in Private

You can’t consume marijuana in a public place. This means you can’t enjoy a smoke in a park, for example, without possibly being issued a civil penalty of up to $100. This also includes consuming other marijuana products, like edibles, beverages, oils, and ointments. 

It’s easier and more discreet to pop a gummy without being seen, but it’s best to wait until you’re in your hotel room or another private area to enjoy your cannabis.

No Open Containers in Motor Vehicles

While it is legal to carry up to one ounce of marijuana in public, it is not legal to drive with an open container of marijuana. Keep your products sealed and in a locked glove box until you reach your destination.

It is also illegal to travel across state lines with marijuana. Whatever you purchase in Boston, you will need to enjoy it before crossing into another state.

Don’t Drive Under the Influence

You also can still be arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, even though recreational use is legal. It may be best to use ride-share services or wait to enjoy your purchases. 

How To Buy Cannabis in a Boston Dispensary

In Boston, adults aged 21+ can legally purchase cannabis from a dispensary. You don’t have to be a Massachusetts resident, but you will be asked to show a government-issued ID before being able to purchase products at a Boston dispensary.

And be aware that dispensaries are cash operations. Many have ATMs right in the lobby, but it’s a good idea to come prepared with enough cash for whatever you want to buy. Some stores will also deliver products. 

When you’re at the dispensary, you’ll be able to talk directly with an employee known in the industry as a “budtender.” It’s OK if it’s your first time in a dispensary. Ask as many questions as you need to make an informed purchase.

Check Out Chelsea’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary

Harbor House Collective offers top-quality cannabis products that they cultivate, manufacture, and sell to customers looking for the best. Located near Logan airport with the parking lot right across the street, it’s an obvious first stop for anybody interested in spending time in Boston. 

Learn more by visiting the Harbor House Collective website so you’ll be ready when you arrive.

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