Visiting A Recreational vs. Medical Weed Clinic: What to Know

Recreational and medical weed clinics often sell different products with distinct purposes. However, medical dispensaries require medical cards, while recreational dispensaries are still not legal in most states. Learn the major differences between medical and recreational dispensaries to determine the best weed options for you.

Recreational vs. Medical Dispensaries

With expanding legalization, more recreational and medical weed clinics are popping up around the country. Whether you’re traveling or exploring cannabis options in your state, it’s important to know the differences between dispensaries and the laws and regulations surrounding them. 

Selling and Prices

Recreational cannabis is usually more expensive than medical cannabis, though this can vary by product, dispensary, and location. Certain low-priced recreational cannabis brands may sell for less than an equal amount of medical cannabis, though with usually weaker effects. Additionally, some dispensaries offer discounts on recreational cannabis to customers with medical cards. Specific prices of medical and recreational cannabis vary by location, as competitive markets have driven down the price of both cannabis types in many states. 

Recreational vs. Medical Weed

In general, recreational cannabis is high in only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), usually ranging from around 15% to 45% for cannabis flower. On the other hand, standard medical cannabis has high percentages of both THC and cannabinol (CBD). Potent CBD makes medical cannabis more pain-relieving and relaxing. 

These ratios are not consistent for all medical and recreational cannabis products. Some cultivators may put near-identical amounts of CBD and THC in recreational and medical products, while others may put up to 40% CBD in recreational flower. State and local laws may also regulate maximum percentages for sellable recreational and medical cannabis. 

Licensing and Legal Requirements

At this time, the medical use of cannabis products is legal in 37 US states, while recreational use is legal in 21 states. This means that there are many states where you can only purchase cannabis products from a medical weed clinic with an applicable medical card. Medical cannabis is only intended for doctor-approved medical conditions, such as glaucoma, cancer, and injuries. Getting a medical card can take time and money, depending on your state and local laws.

Even in states where cannabis use is legal both medically and recreationally, many dispensaries are only allowed to sell one type of cannabis product due to licensing. States and local jurisdictions have different regulations in place for medical and recreational cannabis licensing for dispensaries, cultivators, and employees. Therefore, some dispensaries may be licensed to sell both recreational and medical cannabis, while others are licensed to sell only recreational or only medical. 

Choosing the Best Weed Options for You

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