Our Top 3 Cannabis Education Podcasts To Check Out

There’s no better way to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving cannabis industry than by listening to cannabis education podcasts. From news and current events to business advice and investments, the following top three cannabis-focused podcasts will help you gain valuable insights into the world of cannabis. 

Seed to CEO

Listening to Seed to CEO, cannabis entrepreneurs will find helpful tips and strategic advice on expanding their businesses. Chris Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of MJBizDaily, interviews other cannabis industry CEOs to offer listeners insights on company growth.

The unique obstacles and subtle challenges that would typically take years to learn are all exposed on Seed to CEO. In addition to insider tips on THC manufacturing, you’ll hear about funding for new ventures, marketing growth hacks, and common pitfalls. Entrepreneurs looking for inside perspectives on how to grow their businesses will appreciate this podcast’s CEO-focused episodes.

Dude Grows Show

Both casual and professional growers will find cultivation tips on the Dude Grows Show. With over 1,400 episodes and counting, hosts Scotty Real and “The Dude” share their expert insights into growing and cultivating cannabis while also interviewing knowledgeable guests. The show also provides helpful advice on its website, with sections for asking growers, understanding breeders, and opportunities for guest involvement.

You’ll hear from a wide range of guests from all levels of the industry who offer insight into everything from cloning to nutrient regiments. Growers looking for advice on setting up an indoor grow or just wanting to stay current on the latest strains should check out The Dude Grows Show.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science

Like the Dude Grows Show, the Cannabis Cultivation and Science podcast centers on cultivating indoor and outdoor cannabis. What makes the two different is this show’s concentration on pure science and the facts surrounding growing culture. Tad Hussey, the co-founder of KIS Organics, is the host, and his deep industry connections help to attract some of the biggest names in cultivation as podcast guests.

Microbial solutions, powdery mildew, nutrient analysis, and more are all explored on Cannabis Cultivation and Science. If you’re hooked on the intricacies of cannabis cultivation and want to learn more about the science behind the craft, Cannabis Cultivation and Science will help.

Tips for Finding a Good Cannabis Podcast

The cannabis industry has seen an explosion of podcasts lately, making it difficult to know which are worth your time. Here are some helpful tips for cutting through the noise to make your listening decisions easier.

First, it helps to know what kind of content you want. Do you like factual information on cannabis? Are you looking to be entertained by interesting cannabis stories? Maybe a mix of both? Cannabis podcasts typically cover a range of topics, so knowing what you want out of the podcast will help narrow down your search.

Once you have an idea of the kinds of topics you’re interested in, research the hosts of the show to ensure they’re qualified. Check to see if they have a degree in horticulture or have been in the industry for a long time. Using these tips, you can find a podcast that fits your preferences without having to sample each one.

Getting Help From an Expert

Podcasts help you get information seamlessly while exercising, traveling, cleaning, or running errands. However, you’ll never get the same level of attention and help as you would with a one-on-one consultation with cannabis experts.Talk with Harbor House today to get all your cannabis questions answered.

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