When shopping for weed, consider Harbor House Collective; you won’t find a better marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts. Local recreational dispensaries make it easy to purchase cannabis, but at what cost? Most marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are overpriced and carry a limited amount of products on the shelf due to Covid and limited hours of operation. That’s not the case at Harbor House Collective- our doors are open 7 days a week and we are committed to making sure all of your favorite strains and THC products are available.

Q: I’m new to the cannabis scene- can you help me select a strain when I visit your cannabis dispensary?

A: We can do much better than just assisting you with your purchase when you stop by Harbor House Collective. Spend time on our website learning about product types we carry, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other characteristics of marijuana. On our website, you’ll also find an exhaustive FAQ section to address all of your questions about strains, cannabis effects, industry terms, and more.

Q: What cannabis products do you carry?

A: Here at HHC, we grow some of our own cannabis strains and make them available to our customers. When you buy weed in MA, you’re typically restricted to what each dispensary is able to procure. Choosing Harbor House Collective will give you a better selection; along with our own cultivars, we carry a wide range of THC products to meet your needs:

  • Cannabis concentrates, such as wax, oil, and hash
  • Tasty marijuana edibles
  • Pre-loaded cartridges
  • Convenient pre-rolls

Q: What are the benefits of shopping at your marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts?

A: Our loyalty program is just one of the many reasons to choose us when researching and comparing cannabis shops in Massachusetts. With every purchase, you’ll earn points that can be used to buy products when you visit our shop in the future. As a member, you’ll also have exclusive access to industry news, product promos, and information about new products we carry.

Q: Where is your Boston dispensary located?

A: We’re just a few minutes from E Boston at 80 Eastern Avenue in Chelsea, MASS. You’ll find it well worth the short drive to our location when you see the extensive inventory of cannabis products in our store.

Q: Why are in-house cannabis cultivars better than popular strains?

A: At Harbor House Collective, we grow our own strains based on premium genetics. Our locally grown strains are hand-picked based on unique characteristics that will lead to a superior user experience. If you have additional questions about HHC cultivars, feel free to reach out to our staff at 617-336-7499.

Q: Why are so many cannabis shops in Massachusetts closed?

A: Covid has scared a lot of shop owners to comply with mandates that are not actual laws. At Harbor House Collective, we’re open for business every day, including weekends, to ensure our customers have access to our quality cannabis products. Our weekend hours are as follows: 10AM – 10PM.

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