Can You Overdose On Marijuana? Here’s What to Know

For many people cannabis-based products are still a new and growing trend. Whether you’ve dabbled in your share of products such as edibles and vapes, or you’re completely new to the idea, it’s understandable for cannabis users to have curiosity and questions. 

No matter your level of experience, you might be wondering things like, “Can you overdose on marijuana?” Today, we’re breaking down the myths and getting to the truth about how THC can impact the body. 

We’ll be discussing things like how to understand your weed tolerance and what the symptoms of a marijuana overdose might look like. 

What’s the Risk of Overdosing on Marijuana

The reality is that you can overdose on almost anything, and marijuana is no exception. However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to end with fatality. A common misconception people have when they hear the word “overdose” is that it’s lethal. 

Fortunately, when it comes to marijuana, while overdoses can and do happen, it’s typically not something that leads to dire consequences. Everybody’s weed tolerance is different, though, which means that it’s important to have an understanding of your tolerance levels and know the effects that may occur. 

Symptoms of a Marijuana Overdose

Experiencing a potential overdose when consuming and enjoying cannabis-made products can look different for everyone. The most common symptoms people experience when they’ve indulged a little too much are anxiety and paranoia, heart palpitations, and nausea or vomiting. These symptoms are all adverse side effects that can happen when you’ve overstepped your tolerance. 

In worst-case scenarios, people have contributed seizures to marijuana overdoses. 

Understanding Weed Tolerance 

It’s important to always consider variables that may play into your tolerance level before smoking, vaping, or eating any marijuana-based products. Everyone’s tolerance level is different and may change over time. 

A safe rule of thumb is to always start with less potent products to better understand your individual tolerance levels. This can help avoid potential marijuana-related overdoses. 

Marijuana may increase levels of comfort, soothe stress, and leave many people in a lighter mood, and amounts vary for how much weed to take to relax. But it’s still important to listen to your body and know when you need to slow down or consume less. 

What to Do When a Marijuana Overdose Occurs

If you’re hanging out with friends or you are alone and believe an overdose may be occurring, it’s important to take the situation seriously. While marijuana overdoses don’t have long-term effects, it’s never a good feeling in the moment. 

To help regulate the body and avoid symptoms of an overdose from getting worse, consuming water and eating can help offset symptoms. Ultimately, time is the only real thing that can help. But staying calm and resting can help you work through those unsteady feelings. 

If symptoms do not seem to be getting better after a prolonged period, seek medical help accordingly. 

Learn More About Marijuana

Still want to get a better understanding of THC and how cannabis affects the body? Continue browsing through our blog to discover more educational myth-busters about marijuana, safety and health tips, and more. 

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