Cbd For Sleep

After our daily strenuous activities, turning off the brain after a long day could sometimes be challenging. If you suffer from an irregular sleep pattern and even sleep disorders like insomnia, CBD might just become your new go-to nighttime companion.

Many people use CBD for sleep and relaxation purposes due to its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, but can high concentrations of cannabidiol affect sleep-wake rhythms to the point of being considered a cure for insomnia?

You may have heard and even adhered to the advice not to use your phone in bed and continue going to bed at set times. And despite everything, night after night, you lie in the dark, counting the sheep. You might be wondering, could CBD be of help? Could you get a solution using CBD for Insomnia?

However, many people insist that taking CBD, in the form of CBD oil or a dietary supplement, helps them sleep better.

How Does CBD Work on the Body?

In general, CBD is a substance that, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system present in the body, regulates various mechanisms and generally helps maintain the body’s balance in the axis, ensuring effective internal homeostasis. The human endocannabinoid system’s receptors react and are stimulated by the presence of CBD and amplify some of their functions, which means that these receptors trigger the production of anti-inflammatory and relaxing substances.

The Connection Between CBD and Sleep

Experts strongly believe that people who sleep better with the help of CBD reap the rewards of their own positive thinking, as insomnia stems from feelings of anxiety. CBD is proven to possess great anxiety-relieving effects, and anxiety disorders mainly stem from insomnia. While CBD can help you feel calmer or less stressed, you might find it easier to drift into dreamland.

More generally, CBD enhances sleep quality by improving the transitions from paradoxical sleep to deep sleep. It also lengthens the deep sleep phases, which is the most recuperative phase for our body.

Finally, CBD or CBD oils for sleep can also alleviate specific symptoms that may cause your sleep disorders, such as anxiety, or counter the effects of consuming exciting substances such as coffee.

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Our CBD Products for Sleep

Our Hello Mellow CBD sleep capsules are the perfect capsule you need to ease the day’s stress and have a smooth ride to the dreamland. Made from a 15MG of Broad Spectrum Hemp and 385MG of herbal blends, including HolyBasil, Skullcap, and Lemon Balm, Hellow Mellow is free of THC and can serve as a big relief after a very long day.

Our Big Nights In Bundle contains CBD capsules, CBD cream, a bath bomb, and a silk sleep mask specially formulated to help you or your special one get a comfy relaxation after having a long day.

At Betoken CBD, we have varieties of CBD products to help you enhance maximum relaxation, rest, and sleep.

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Cbd For Sleep

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